Press & radio

The Ohrnacht EP has recieved som press and airplay during the last months. Here are some links to articles, radio shows and bloggs.

i-Select #11 by White Lion Radio
Pio by Niels Gordon is the opening track of march months edition of i-Select, a show playing unsigned electronic artist signed to smaller independent labels.

The Seventh Wave 17 march 2016
Zuflucht was played in the weekly radioshow The Seventh Wave which is described as covering the inner and outer reaches of all things Electronica.

Radio Virus 12 march 2016
Pio was played in the weekly Swedish synth radio program Radio Virus. They also mentioned Niels earlier band die Streichholzjungen.

Monolith Cocktail 29 february 2016
The Ohrnacht EP was reviewed in the highly inspiring Scottish music blogg Monilith Cocktail
Tickling Our Fancy 030: Xixa, The Loved Drones, Junkboy, Edward Penfold, The Gaa Gaas, Niels Gordon

Indie Underground 23 february 2016
The EP was noted as futuristic and cinematic under in the diverse Canadian Music blogg Indie Underground.

New Music: NIELS GORDON – “Ohrnacht” (Electronic / Ambient / Experimental)

Radio Floda 8 february 2016
Niels was this mondays guest in local radio show Radio Floda. Talking about inspiration, how the music is created etc. They also played both Pio and Ohrnacht.


Ohrnacht EP out january 2016


On the 7:th of january 2016  Niels Gordons debut EP ohrnacht is released on all common digital platforms.

The EP consists of four songs written, performed and recorded during the last couple of years at Niels homestudio. The music could be described as organic electronic music with a touch of 70s Europe.

Available on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer  and Google Play.